Your Guide to Fragrance: The Scent of Your Essence

Choosing the right fragrance for you is a very subjective task.  You want what you like; you want what you love; you want what smells right and takes you to a happy place in your mind and heart.  So, what about what others might prefer?  That's their bag.  It might sound harsh, my friend, but ultimately that's their bag.

This isn't to say you're going to suffocate yourself and everyone else by dousing in the heaviest oil you can find.  No.  If you do that, then you're not choosing what you love; you'd be choosing what you think will make the most impact on others, and your scent would be loud, garish and off-putting.

A good bargain will be an essential oil (parfum), as a little oil-based fragrance goes a long way and 'reactivates' itself with the fluctuations of your own body heat.  A splash, aftershave or any other water-based option, wears off faster and, therefore, won't last as long in your collection, either.  However, both options serve a good purpose.  They can add to your allure and wake up your senses to drive your day along.

For work, a citrus option is good; for a date, a little musk can add to your mystique and allure; for everyday, a nice light mist of flowers for women and a sporty scent for men would be great choices.  The choice is yours, though; wear what you like, and wear it well!