What the Key Decisionmakers Look at When They Size You Up

It's not fair to judge a book by the cover, is it?  It's human nature.  When movers, shakers and power-players, see you (no matter where you are -- office, high-end boutique, meet-and-greet mixers, etc.), they look at your shoes, after they look at your face.  Why?  It's because they've realized that people for whom money is no object might not necessarily wear the fanciest blouse or shirt, but they all wear good shoes.  The blunt reality of life is that people use these metrics to decide whether or not to accommodate you and give you the best or worst treatment.  The happier reality is that when you're shod in the comfort and style of a durable pair of shoes, you always put your best foot forward.  We've got a great collection of shoes for you.  Take a look!