Psst! Ladies! It's in Your Handbag!

Everybody's shoes help to shape the impression people have of him/her.  And then there's the handbag thing...   Pocketbook, shoulder-bag, handbag -- however you slice it -- the second thing people look at, as far as objects go, is a lady's handbag.  If you venture into a high-end boutique, and the clerks or even floor-girls give you the cold shoulder made famous in the movie "Pretty Woman" you might take a good look at your bag, and see it how they see it.  If it's gaudy and garish, it's doing you no favors. If it shouts "faux leather" you're better off with fabric.  If the pleather is peeling away, you might as well leave or get gouged on price for the least of their merchandise to deter you from sticking around and giving their store such a low-end look that their target customers no longer want to come in.  Ladies, your bag is as important as the main metric: well-cared hair.  Your hair has to show that you paid attention to it -- it's not a question of neatness (artfully tousled, au naturel, twist-outs -- it's all good, as long as it has moisture and shape -- yes, the cut matters).  More on that in another blog post; let's get back to the bag.  You're better off with a tasteful little wristlet, than with a full bag, if you can't afford a top-quality bag.  Top quality bags are quiet, even the statement bags, but they say all the right things at the right volume.  What closed or opened the door for you?  The answer is in your bag!