Choosing the Best Gifts at The Good Stuff Gallery

"It's the thought that counts."  We've all heard that, and it's essentially true that we should appreciate (and be appreciated for) the motive, effort and generosity that all go into gift-giving.  However, the art of gift-giving is in the reconnaissance.  If you genuinely care, you make an effort to know the recipient's likes and dislikes.  If the gift is for someone you've started dating recently, go simple and unisex:  Get a chic scarf that is both utilitarian and sophisticated.  You mightn't know all their likes, but even if you're a little off the mark, your gift will never be distasteful to the recipient, because you will have found something that's up that person's general alley.  You've already asked what the person's favorite color is and what any fabric allergies are.  You ask whether they hate faux fur or real fur.  Music is always good.  Who doesn't love music?  Just understand that "good music" is relative, nowadays, and give by genre.  For instance, your conservative grandpa doesn't want the new raunchy rap, however popular it might be.  Don't be gauche and don't "over-give"; don't give jewellery or "Seducer" fragrances or flowers to office coworkers, in exchanging gifts at work.  Professional gifts include gourmet coffee or tea (as preferred), gift certificates or gift baskets, etc.  Don't be Scrooge, but don't overspend.  Think context.  If you bear this in mind, you can't go wrong.  Browse our gallery, and find the classiest gifts!